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NWA Journey Map Workshop

Low conversion


Low conversion

  • Customers are not signing up for the demo

  • They focus on the wrong solution for their needs

  • The analytics show people searching for answers

  • The website is very company-centric as opposed to supporting the customer decision patterns

  • The client wants to know what direction to go to increase conversions


Workshop Preparation

We analyzed the available data to start forming a picture of the current site.

Looking at the website analytics, we noticed a pattern of searching for answers without proper guidance.

We constructed the workshop to align the team and build the new journey



Workshop Approach

We divided the workshop into four blocks

  • Deep dive in the products and value propositions

  • Align on the six personae at play

  • Set up the journey structure and steps closely aligned with the customer decision process

  • Work collaboratively to build the desired journey


Collaborative work

One of the keys to a successful workshop is to foster a fun collaborative atmosphere.

We created an environment where the six participants were engaged and contributed to all steps.

It resulted in high-quality output and greater alignment.

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We produced a deep and insightful look at the desired journey for the customers.

  • They raised internal alignment amongst the key stakeholders, significantly raising the quality of the decisions and strategic choices;

  • They saved tens of thousands of dollars in design and development cost by reducing the number of iterations required to achieve the conversation results.

The workshop went better than most workshops we’ve done in the past. Not only did we achieve our initial goals, we also deepen our understanding of our own customers.

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