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Requirements Workshop


What are we building?

  • New banking platform using and third-party API

  • Two financial institutions are the initial clients, each with specific needs

  • The goal is to go over all the needs of the clients and map it to the third party API to determine the scope of work

  • 44 features are identified, from simple to multi-step workflows


Non aligned priorities

16 people from five different companies, each company had its own priorities

A key concern was to keep the anticipated development cost down by using the built-in API functionality as possible

We needed to cater to different needs while minimizing the amount of new work


Workshop Planning

We analyzed the 44 features to map out commonalities and dependencies

We asked the clients to go over all 44 features to gather requirements ahead of the workshop

We asked the third-party API provider to analyze the features and prepare appropriate demos


Workshop Planning

We defined a clear process to be used to go over each feature.

The process clearly defines the role of each company in the discussion.

We constructed the agenda to match the expected energy level of the participants.


Workshop Execution

The workshop was divided into two blocks of three days, in two different cities.

We also had to change rooms so mobility was key. Paying attention to room setup and logistic was key.

We capture everything on flip charts to easily roll everything up and move.


Workshop Execution

Belief in our ability to cover the 44 features was low.

We set the rules of engagement clearly and challenged the group to beat the odds.

We would check our progress against the target everyday to raise confidence.


Collaborative Discipline

We fostered an atmosphere of strict discipline to follow the process and agenda.

We established fixed time blocks for discussion and collaboration.

The approach creates a collaborative discipline where the participants felt they could contribute and adhere to the process and timeline.



All participants were thrilled with the outcome.

Everyone became aligned on what the work will be.

We covered all 44 features and uncovered 12 additional items important to the success of the new platform.

Our workshop reduced the development onboarding from 12 weeks to 4 weeks.

It was outstanding. I never thought we would actually be able to cover everything. We have everything we need to proceed with scoping the project and get going!


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