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Lunch & Learn Workshop Planning



Lunch & Learn to generate business

  • Outsourcing remains a valuable option to reduce cost and accelerate development

  • Bias against doing it from lack of understanding or bad experience

  • Accelerance wants to offer a lunch & lunch to educate companies about how to do it right

  • We need to build a scalable and reusable approach that will deliver value to the audience without imposing high maintenance costs to the company


Analyze offering and current brief

  • We looked at the core offering and main customer pain points to identify the key elements to cover

  • The current brief was highly technical and read like a user manual, not great for engaging executives

  • We wanted to design a 60-minute high impact presentation that will generate emotional connections



Total revamp to engage

  • We reduce the amount of content to focus on the most impactful

  • We used the Challenger Sales approach to architect the progression through the content.

  • We introduced exercises to keep people engaged and deepen the emotional connection to the content



The new format was extremely well received and opens up a whole new business development channel.

It provides a reusable framework that can be tailored to the audience while keeping the content maintenance cost down.

It offers engaging content and fun exercises to connect with the audience and create a positive emotional reaction.


Thanks for taking the Challenger Sales format approach to this – it makes a lot of sense! I also like how you integrated the keys from our “Outsource or Else” book. This is a great revamp of the Workshop into multiple versions to fit each client’s situation.

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